Introducing BarBox

A brand new event experience!

Need a simple, easy solution to entertain your guests?
BarBox is at your service. This uniquely designed trailer is a mobile bar with rooftop stage/patio light enough to pull behind a basic pick up truck or SUV. It features a user friendly keg tapping system equipped to serve a variety of up to 12 different kegs at once.  Whether it be beer, wine or spirits, BarBox can serve up the perfect event experience!


About Us

Who We Are

BarBox is Ottawa's most unique mobile bar setup. What started out as a great 'what if' idea has become an even better product. Whether it be Festivals, Parties, Weddings or Corporate Events, BarBox is designed to cater to all your needs. The developers of BarBox have extensive experience in logistics, refrigeration and event planning which gives BarBox a unique advantage in making your event the success it deserves to be. 
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What Makes Us Unique

Personalized Branding

BarBox has ample display space for your company logo and marketing.  Promote your brand anywhere you use BarBox.  Decals, banners or digital marketing on the 40" smart T.V. - are a few examples of how we can get your business and brand uniquely noticed at your event.


BarBox is designed for indoor or outdoor events and certified for use at event centres or venues.  Set up takes less than 15 minutes. We park and plug it wherever you need it...all you have to do is party!

Cater To Your Needs

Basic rental includes pick up, delivery and set up. We can also provide many extra amenities included but not limited to:

- Experienced Staff (smart serve bartenders/servers)

- Generators

- Additional Refrigerated Storage (onsite)

- Professional Entertainment (live band - cover, original or DJ)

- Wide Selection of Local Craft Breweries


Contact Us

1131 Luesby Cres., Orleans, ON, K4A 4X7

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